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Hungry Puppy Cafeteria - Welcome Pack

When it comes to lunch this little bunch of Petkins can create the tastiest Puppy Cafeteria you could ever eat at! Pull up a tray and share a bite with Molly Milk. Happiness is never having to cry over spilt milk. Cute and clumsy, Molly never has a sour look on her face even when nothing goes right! She just keeps cool and carries on.

Product Features:
– Create a Happy Scene with your Petkins
– Includes Catalog with Special Features and Designer Tips!
– Includes 1 Lil’ Shoppie, 1 Doll stand and 13 Petkins
– Includes 4 Wall Tiles to Click ‘N’ Connect and Extend your Happy Place!
– Decorate and Display in 1000s of ways!

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