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Bright Bunny Science Lab - Welcome Pack

Get clever with diploma and her Petkins in the Bunny Science Lab. Experiment with different ways to display and go to the top of the class! Happiness is making discoveries in the Bunny Lab with her Petkins. Creating new stuff in puff and mixing up a storm in a test tube is what she loves best. Science Doll is always “Up and Atom” and working out how and why, Nerdy is the new cool!

Product Features:
– Create a Happy Scene with your Petkins
– Includes Catalog with Special Features and Designer Tips!
– Includes 1 Lil’ Shoppie, 1 Doll stand and 13 Petkins
– Includes 4 Wall Tiles to Click ‘N’ Connect and Extend your Happy Place!
– Decorate and Display in 1000s of ways!

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